4 Creative Ways to Challenge Yourself to Save More Money

Face it: even though you know that saving money is critical to enjoying financial independence, you must admit that there’s very little joy to be found in simply transferring money from your checking to savings. Not to mention, giving up things like vacations and take-out meals so you can build your savings faster can be depressing if you’re used to spending money like there’s no tomorrow.

Yet, spending money doesn’t have to be boring or downright upsetting. With a little bit of creativity, you can make saving money exciting and even enjoyable. Here are 4 ideas from the team of financial pros at Ramsey Solutions that will make saving money something you look forward to.

Increase your savings by $1.00 more each week.

How much are you saving per week? Whatever that number is, challenge yourself to increase it by $1.00 each week. For example, if you currently save $25.00 weekly, try depositing $26.00 this week, followed by $27.00 the week after.

Challenge friends and family members.

Bring out your competitive streak when you challenge friends, family members, or other loved ones to a save-a-thon. See who can save up $200.00 first or set a date as a finish line and see who can save the most cash by then. Whoever has the most wins!

Cook only what’s in your pantry.

Play Chopped in your very own kitchen with this next trick! Instead of shelling out more money at the grocery store, see how long you can make the food in your pantry last and prepare meals using only these ingredients. You might even have fun coming up with unique meal ideas!

See how far you can stretch a dollar.

How well can you eat on a $5.00 bill? Can you purchase a gift for your best friend for only $10.00? How long can you go on a full tank of gas without having to refill it? Challenge yourself to see just how far you can stretch your dollar, and see just how creative you can get when under pressure!

Inspiration can come from anywhere – just ask the team at Chisholm Park Apartments in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. By passing along this information, we hope to inspire you with new ideas, projects, and goals, too.  

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